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Keywords are the key to good website design

SEO Keyword researchS.E.O Keyword ResearchWe all know potential clients won't come just because you built the site - the site has to place well in the search engines to pull the traffic. Of course, placement can be bought through Pay Per Click advertising, but there is nothing as satisfying to a web designer as a top position in the free results.

How do you get there? In a word: keywords. Design your web site for search engines from the very get go, and that means, start with your keyword research. Once you have those terms in hand, use them to plan your site and content.

domain name registrationDomain Name RegistrationWhat's in a Name?

If you haven't purchased a domain name yet, then think about ways to incorporate at least one of your keywords. Hyphens are fine, but if you can get, go for it. Or ... you can rank well without it, but every little bit helps.

website widgetWebsite WidgetsSite Content - Give Them What They Want

If you plan your content based on your keyword research, you give searchers what they are looking for. Sometimes you have to get creative, of course. For example, if you sell red widgets, but your research tells you people search far more often for blue widgets, then you might want to create and optimize a page "red Widgets Vs. Blue Widgets." Sounds silly, but you get the idea. And it not only brings the searcher for red widgets to your page, it converts them to a blue widget buyer.

Create at least one page for each keyword variation, and on that page use your phrase:

  • In an h1 tag once
  • In an h2 or h3 tag once
  • In the first paragraph
  • In bold somewhere in the content
  • In the anchor text of a link to an authority site.
  • In the anchor text of a link to another page on the site

keywordsKeywordsSite Design Architecture and SEO

Your keywords will also figure heavily in the website's structure - especially if it's a large site. Where there are natural divisions, create sub-directories with keyword rich names: www.yourdomain/blue-widgets/ for example.

It can also be a powerful move to use your keywords in file names - your HTML and graphic file names. Assume for a moment you sell widgets of all different colours, and they are search terms ... you would have pages named:

- www.yourdomain/blue-widgets.html,

- www.yourdomain/black-widgets.html,

- www.yourdomain/white-widgets.html and so on.

Use those keywords in the graphic files names as well. Take your home page, for example. Your logo should be called widgets-logo.gif.

alternative textAlternative Text for ImagesOther On Site SEO Design Elements

Be sure to use Alt Tags for images, and title attributes for links. Don't stuff the alt tags with keywords, but describe the images accurately, and do it with the visitor in mind too. Here's why: we know the search engines do use the text from alt tags to help index a site, but did you know that Google sometimes uses the alt tag text as the description in the SERPs! It's rare, but it happens. I've seen it on my own site.

The jury's out on whether this last technique is really effective, but many SEO Web Designers now use the title attribute on links. If you look at the code for the link to my site – or put your mouse over the link, you will see what I mean.

Off Site SEO – Link Building

Wait a minute, link building isn't part of design is it? Yes, it is! You used to be able to build link popularity through reciprocal link programs, but that is no longer an effective gambit. To get links, you need to create the sort of content that makes other webmasters link to your site. It might be a forum, a blog with constantly updated information, or a tool that people need. Build your content to attract links, as well as visitors.

Incorporate these suggestions into your web site, and you will begin to see how SEO and Web Design can be synonymous!

Contact us for a free quotation, or to discuss your website needs

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How to Use Keywords to Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

SEO Keyword ResearchSEO Keyword ResearchPlacing keywords strategically throughout your web pages will greatly improve your rankings in the search engines. Many sites, however, leave them out altogether so your Site won't get ranked at all. Inserting too many keywords in your web pages or repeating them too often, will result in your site getting banned from the search engines.

How do you sort all this out so you can effectively market your web site to the search engines?

What is a keyword, and how to create targeted keywords for your site. Next we will discuss where to place keywords, how many to use, and some tips on what to avoid.

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How Can Search Engines Help You with Your Business?

globalNetworkGlobal NetworkWhat Are Search Engines?

Most of us often face the problem of searching the web. Nowadays, the global network is one of the most important sources of information there is, its main goal being to make information easily accessible. That's where the main problem arises: how to find what you need among all those innumerable terabytes of data. The World Wide Web is overloaded with various stuff related to diverse interests and activities of human beings who inhabit the globe. How can you tell what a site is devoted to without visiting it? Besides, the number of resources grew as quickly as the Internet’s own development, and many of them closely resembled each other (and still do). This situation necessitated finding a reliable (and at the same time fast) way to simplify the search process, otherwise there would be absolutely no point to the World Wide Web. So, development and deployment of the first search engines closely followed the birth of the World Wide Web.*

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Icing on the Cake of Your Business

millstone round the neckMillstone Round Your NeckYou have just finished designing your new website, and feel proud and happy. The last thing you want to hear now is that you must pay for SEO. It may be the last thing you want to hear, but it is the most important thing you need to hear, if you want your website to be visible on search engines, and if your website stands any chance to succeed, and bring you the customers you need and want.

SEO is not something that you just slap onto a website like icing on a cake. SEO should be mapped in when planning your website structure. CMS (Content Management Systems) give you the best results for your business. Your content on your landing pages should lead prospects along a buying slope.

You can have a really attractive looking site, but if the content is not of a high standard, and the SEO is not properly done, you will end up with a stagnant website, which is like a millstone around your neck.

icing on a cakeIcing on a CakeAs with baking a cake, all ingredients are added in and mixed properly to achieve success, so too your website. The planning, designing and SEO are all important ingredients to ensure successful business results for your company.

A professional SEO consultant can help you, even if you started in the wrong order, but remember, it will take more time, more effort, and more money, and also some major restructuring to get it done properly.

Google and other search engines need help in understanding your business, and good, professional SEO that is properly woven into your website’s DNA, can help showcase your business to search engines, to the benefit of your company.

Don’t get left behind or ignored by search engines, be on the forefront and be seen regularly when prospective clients search the web. A good professional SEO expert will see to it that your keywords are visible and easy to find.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and what would best suit your company, or request a free quotation.

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Keyword is the king in the Kingdom of Search Engines Optimization

keyword is kingKeyword is KingKeyword is the king in the Kingdom of Search Engines Optimization

Digital Economy : What Is e-Marketing : Internet Search Engines are new Marketplaces in today's digital economy. Companies operating new sales and marketing channels(websites) on Internet where customers can come from all over the world.

Today's Customer can place orders from any location and orders will be delivered to their home quickly.

Importance of Search Engines optimization in e Marketing : Search Engines are an invaluable tools for reaching customers targeted market. The customers visiting companies website as a result of search engine query are specifically interested in the products or services provided by companies.

Keyword marketing: Customers finding products and services through search engines. companies should select proper keywords for their products and services.

Keyword Selection : Companies should include keywords in copy writing of their products and services information. Internet have no Geographical boundaries but companies should use city name, country name, village town names in keywords, so that customers can find products in their nearest town, city, village or country.

keyword domain name Keyword Domain NameDomain name, subdomain names and Directory names: Search Engines giving main priority to domains name in ranking of keyword optimization. If your domain name is itself is keyword then your website can get top rank in search engines result. If you don't have domain name as a keyword then you can create sub domain for exact keyword. You can also use directory name names and file names as a keyword. This will help your website to get top ranking in search engines. example:

How Search engines read Keywords : Search Engines use small computer software programs to browse through and read webpages on the Internet. Such Programs are often referred to as "search engine spiders" or "search engines robots" or "bots". When a search engine spider visits a page, it first reads the text on the page, and then tries to follow links from that page off to other webpages and websites.
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