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Why a Website Design Speaks Volumes about Your Company?

very messy officeVery Messy OfficeWhether a business has just got off the ground or has been established for years, start-up and long running companies are looking to the internet to expand their sales, as well as service to customers. Many new websites are going up and with so many people opting to go with the cheapest route, or the quickest design process, sometimes the quality of a website gets left behind. Lets face it, you wouldn't want a possible client coming into your office, looking around at a mess, so why would you send them to your virtual office looking like one?

People very often go to a company's website to get more information, it is a lot easier and more convenient then calling them or writing them a letter. The first thing they see when they go to their site(that is, the first thing that pops into their heads) is either "wow, these guys are professional, I want to deal with them" or "their site is awful, how can they act professional if they do not look professional"(well that may not be everyone’s exact words, but you see what I am getting at). We all think this when we visit a website, haven't you ever felt a little bit easier or more relaxed when purchasing something off a site with a professional look? I bet you that if a site doesn't look professional then you won't even consider purchasing an item or using their service!

Script ErrorScript ErrorAnother important aspect of a website is how long it takes to download. A lot of people say if it takes longer then 30 seconds to download then people will leave. This is true. I know that even on a DSL connection, if a site is taking too long to download I will jump to another site. If your site doesn't download in at least 30-60 seconds for all users(dial up taking a little longer), then you need to re-design your site.

Your site must not only look good and download quick, it must work good. There is nothing worse then visiting a website with pages that haven't been created yet, script errors popping up and only half of the information seems to be there. This will definitely annoy anyone who is visiting your website, they probably won't come back for a while, if at all.

contact usContact UsAnother important aspect of a good website is allowing visitors to contact you in one way or another. A simple email address or contact form on a contact us page will do wonders. People like to know they can get in touch with you with just a simple click of the mouse. Make sure that there is a link to your contact us page on every page, including in your main navigation. This will give users a feeling of being close to you, as they can contact you at any time.

Use these tips as well as your own common sense and you will be well on your way to having a great Looking, Working & Downloading Website!

Please feel free to contact us today for a free quotation or to discuss your website requirements

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Your Company's Website – Professional Online Presence

web design and developmentWeb Design and DevelopmentA website image should match a company’s quality objectives to build your company's online presence.

Does yours?

The truth is, a poorly designed website can damage a company’s online presence. More so, your website is your online presence. Internet users expect a reputable company to have a high-quality online presence, reflected in a quality and professional website. Think about it as an electronic business card, or brochure; a first-class website shows that a company is serious and professional. A website that is well presented, designed and developed, will open a myriad of options for low-cost marketing and client acquisition.This is the first segment in a three-part series that addresses the guidelines on how to plan, present and develop your company’s website. The full series includes:

  1. Professional Online Presence
  2. Quality Web Site -- Quality Approach
  3. Website Design, Development & Marketing Aspects

Web DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentYour Company’s Web Site – Professional Online

If your company strives for quality, this should be expressed as much by your website, as it is with your company’s products and services. From now on, consider your website as an extension of those products and services; consider it as your company's online presence. Ask yourself what is important to you, and your customers when it comes to the services or products your company provides? Is it the advantages like quality, performance, presentation and reliability that are offered? Does your current web site reflect this? Revisit your company’s mission statement – is this also reflected in the website?

It’s amazing how many companies do not have a professional online presence, for fear of expense, (in which case, they often opt for a “do-it-yourself” product). A well-developed, well-designed website is not a cost; it’s an investment, and any related expenses will convert into new clients. At present, there are several reputable organizations that will help your company build an effective web site for a reasonable price.

It is proven that R.O.I is quickly met when the website properly addresses your requirements and /or target market. Keep in mind that your website is the least expensive 24/7 (worldwide) salesman that you will ever find.

It’s important to find a team of website design experts who will listen to you, understand your needs, and not only follow your guidelines, but also present you with new options, and suggestions, to increase your sales and customer acquisition. A good team will produce a professional online presence that is in tune with your company’s image, excels in usability and is search-engine friendly.

Online MarketingOnline MarketingOnline marketing for your website is also very important, since your utmost goal is to attract users that search for the products or services you offer. A high-quality website that is lost among search engines, is like placing an expensive ad in a magazine that nobody buys. If Web browsers cannot find your site, they are limited in how they can purchase your product or service. Treat your website as a marketing tool, not only as a source for company information.

Summary: A professional online presence, and a quality website, are the most important investments you will make for your company; it will reflect your company’s image, and the products and services you offer. Seek a website design company that is willing to learn about your company, and its products and services. Get involved in the website development process, and offer your opinion and suggestions – after all, you know your market and your company.

For a free quotation, or more information, please contact us

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SEO Prices Are Variable

SEO PricingSEO PricingThere are no universal standards by which you can set a fixed price for SEO, as there are too many factors to consider.

If your website is not properly set up for SEO, and you have a lot to fix or set up, then you will need a bigger budget for SEO.

If, on the other hand, your website is properly set up for SEO, with good content in place, your budget requirement will be a lot less.

Keyword analysis, link building, and other SEO activities are unique, and customized differently for specific situations.

As we have said before, if you only want to do local advertising in a small town, and your products or services are not in great demand, or you don’t have many competitors, your budget will be exponentially smaller than if you are wanting to advertise countrywide on a larger scale, and you product has many competitors. You would obviously then need a larger budget.

limited budgetlimited budgetRemember, if you are not going to do proper SEO, and your competitors are, then they will walk away with a large portion of the potential clients.

SEO is a specialized service, and, as such, it involves teams of people working behind the scenes. When you opt to use a very small, or limited budget, you are tying the hands of the team, and you cannot expect stellar results from their restrained efforts. In other words, you are shooting yourself, and your business in the foot. You will be going nowhere slowly.

If you still have doubts about how SEO works and how it all interacts together, do not be afraid to ask for an SEO pre-analysis, even if it means paying a modest fee for it. It is a safe investment, and worth more if it convinces you about the real value in adopting a professional SEO strategy.

The decisions you make for your business rests entirely on your shoulders, make sure you make the right choice to enhance and grow your business.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information, or would like a free quotation.

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How Much Will SEO Cost ?

how much does seo cost1How Much Does SEO CostEvery client I meet has only one main question. How much will SEO cost?

• Not…What can SEO do for me?
• Not…How will SEO benefit my company?

NO!!! What do you charge, or how much will it cost?

There is only one answer to that. It depends.

That sound vague? Maybe, but it is a true and honest answer.

Every clients likes to save money, but still wants great results from search engine optimization. SEO isn’t simple or easy. If you are only looking to save money on SEO, you are taking your eye off the more important issue of intelligently allocating your marketing budget across the different tactics available, of which SEO is often the most cost effective

If an “expert” takes one look at your site, and quotes you a complete price for SEO, be on your guard straight away. They may be able to fix some obvious weaknesses, or help you pick some low hanging fruit, but true and lasting SEO is about a lot more than that.

Fact of the matter is, SEO isn’t something you plug in, or install into your website. Good, professional SEO is a process, of which research and planning are critical components.

increase Your Revenue SalesProfit Per Sale Conversion RateNo true professional SEO consultant can, or will, make an offhand estimate, or just set a “price per site” for their services. It all depends on the nature of your business, who your target audience is, what your goals and targets are, and a lot more.

As a client and business owner, your focus should not be on the cost alone. You need to focus on the key performance indicators (KPI’s) of your business, , cost per acquisition etc., which are all very important.

By using a non-professional SEO service to save money, you are doing yourself no favours, as you won’t earn a lot from it either. In fact it can have a very detrimental effect on your business.

The decision is ultimately yours. What is best for your company? Saving money and not getting proper SEO, or paying a fair price and benefitting from a real professional SEO doing a great job, and getting great ROI (returns on investment)

We hope this has helped you see the benefits of good professional SEO, and it will aid you in making that all important decision as to what is best for your company.

If you have any queries, or would like more information, or a free quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our consultants will be able to help and advise you on what is best for your company.

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SEO Takes Time

Finding High Volume Search KeywordsFinding High Volume Search KeywordsDue to the fact that SEO does take time and is in fact a long-term investment, it may be best to consider a monthly retainer. Aggressive campaigns do have their place, but lasting SEO results come from long-term relationships. You cannot expect to see the real value of SEO in the first months. It takes a while to get really good results as it takes extensive operations that do produce results months down the line.

Without SEO it could take seven or eight months for Google and other search engines to find and start crawling your website, whereas good SEO will build you website’s visibility month by month and you will see a steady climb in your rankings. There is no magic wand to give you instant results.

By limiting your SEO budget, you are limiting your ranking climb and it will take longer for your website to be crawled regularly. A good SEO Professional will do keyword research and test the keywords for visibility to search engines.

If you choose to go with just anyone instead of a good Professional to do your SEO, you will also find that you are not getting the ROI you would like. You will be picking only from low hanging branches. A good professional knows their job, and you will be compensated over and over for the investment you make in them.

grow your online businessGrow Your Online BusinessThat is the reason we advise you invest in pre-analysis by a professional. A true professional will study your market, to see it is big enough to drive enough volume, that the competition is weak enough for you to fight and win, and advise you accordingly. SEO Professionals will show that you are getting a larger amount of targeted traffic from their efforts, and if this traffic converts at a high rate into sales and profit, then the impact on your business will be so much greater.

We trust you understand the importance of good, professional SEO services better, and will make the right decision for your business. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results.

Contact us if you would like to speak to a consultant, for more information, or to request free quotation.

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